Hemorrhoids Doctor

While hemorrhoids are not fatal, they can cause miserable living as they can cause pain, irritation and nasty sensation in the anal area. Also, it is often hard to find a medical treatment suitable to your condition.

Hemorrhoids, in its entirety, is not a severe condition, but the portion they are in is severely receptive and vulnerable to chronic damages from poorly managed treatments – a significant hemorrhoids doctor or surgeon is necessary.

Consequently, the first hemorrhoid doctor that you probably want to seek is your family doctor with whom you have build up trust and confidence. Pay him a visit, and discuss your condition.

If your hemorrhoids are not serious, not bleeding, and can be remedied using home treatments, your hemorrhoid doctor will typically tell you to eat more fiber in your daily meals, give you some prescriptions, recommend a Sitz bath, and possibly provide you with mild pain relievers, either in gel or capsule forms to relieve pain.
If, nevertheless, your doctor thinks any further complications can occur, he will refer you to a specialist, which is a proctologist.

Your family doctor is typically versed with all the medical specialists in your area and can refer one that is suitable for you, thus you should feel free to express your conditions precisely what you like in a doctor who will be examining at such a sensitive and private region of your body.

You should not feel shame because of the sensitive aspects of hemorrhoids since all patients are protected by the Patient Bill of Rights, wherein you can always access. This law may range from country to country, and possibly simply from institution to institution, but a typical portion of it is your right to completely understand any kind of treatment or medication that will be done to you before the actual operation, and your right implore a basic human respect and freedom from discrimination and public exposure.

You also have the right to pick your own doctor, so always demand more explanation if required and never hesitate to ask for a different doctor if at any point you feel discomfort. If you are a woman, you can always ask for a female proctologist if you find it uncomfortable with a male proctologist examining your private parts.

A proctologist is a medical specialist that deals with hemorrhoids. Generally he deals with the anorectal canal and connective structures. In simplest terms, if you have a problem with hemorrhoids, he is the doctor that can provide you with information as well as suitable treatments.

The proctologist will request to examine the area that will include covering fairly good effort to aid you feel as though you and your privacy are protected and esteemed.

After the initial ocular inspection, the proctologist will administer an anoscope inside the rectum to inspect internal hemorrhoids. It is a metallic tube that has a port through that one quarter of the anal canal’s wall at a time. You can have it warmed up to a respectable temperature, if needed.

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