Medications For External Hemorrhoids

External hemorrhoids are located around the anal region, and can cause prickly irritation, bleeding and pain in this area. This type of hemorrhoid is one of the common irritations in the rectal area. Various proven helpful ways are available if the condition is serious, or if you are trying to find a method to get rid of external hemorrhoids. External hemorrhoids can be prevented by knowing what will be proper for you, as well as what are on the stocks for you. Consult your family doctor or a licensed health care professional before taking any kind of medication or undergoing any kind of treatment, surgical or non-surgical.


Anesthetics are the most common kinds of drugs that are usually taken to treat external hemorrhoids. The components of the anesthetics commonly involve benzocaine, benzyl alcohol, cyclonine and tetracaine. If the hemorrhoid is irritated, you can apply this medication that is commonly purchased as a cream, to be applied in the irritated region. When you use this certain cream, it will cause a reaction in the nerve endings of the anal lining that is responding to the hemorrhoids. This controls the blistering and pain in the area.


Antipruritics are also recommended to treat external hemorrhoids. When you apply this medication, the nerve endings in the affected area will react and will lead to the senses being irritated to be eased. The most typically used antipruritics are menthol and camphor. Another type is hydrocortisone. This will ease the inflammation that is part of the irritation of hemorrhoids. However, you can only use these drugs upon doctor’s approval, as most antiprirutics can pose harmful side effects to the affected area, especially if the rectal lining is fragile.


Another type of drugs that are commonly used to treat external hemorrhoids is keratolytics. The materials that are commonly found in this kind of drugs are aluminum allantoinate and resorcinol. Strain and inflammation will be relieved when this drug is applied to the affected area. It acts as a healing agent, and expands in the entire area damaged by the hemorrhoid.

Gels, ointments or creams

To use the proper amount or dosage, the drugs that are used to treat external hemorrhoids also come in a variety of methods. These medications usually find the form of topical creams, gels, or ointments and can be applied according to specific instructions found on the labels of these drugs. To known the proper dosage and application to use in your hemorrhoids, read carefully the instructions before usage or if you are not certain, ask your doctor for assistance.

Prescribed Drugs for Critical Cases

If the external hemorrhoid is serious or life-threatening, consult your doctor for proper medical attention. Accordingly, he will prescribe suitable treatments and medications that are designed according to your case. To decrease possible side effects, always read carefully and do not hesitate to ask away questions from your doctor. It is always wise to have sufficient information before trying any kind of medication.

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