Vaginal Hemorrhoids?

Most people have some misconceptions and wrong information on vaginal hemorrhoids and they are confused with rectal hemorrhoids.

Vaginal hemorrhoids is a case of mistaken identity, that most young female teenagers and adults should know about, and in some extent males who have their wife with this condition.

Hemorrhoids are pretty particularly a health condition that takes place around the rectal or anal area. They happen because of the origin of the blood circulation to that area – there’s a large cushion of veins around the anal duct that is intended to aid in the smooth bowel movement, but because to their origin, they are very susceptible to be inflamed out of their natural shape and size with blood, particularly if there is something going on inside the body such as constipation, diarrhea or pregnancy that places tension they are beneath.

This leads to hemorrhoids, similar to varicose veins, are simply blood vessels that have been engorged and stretch for a prolonged time.

They can happen in the rectal area since the connective tissue that surrounds them is quite squishy and supple.

A Case Of Mistaken Identity

Blood vessels in the vaginal area are very not likely to have the room to inflame and get swollen, since the connective tissue is quite string and flexible – it will normally push the blood vessels back into its normal size and shape. Thus, a vaginal hemorrhoid does not exist, in its strictest sense of the term hemorrhoids.

Since hemorrhoids can look like externally around the rectal area, it is probable that they may appear near enough to the vagina to appear like the hemorrhoids in the rectum. Most medically-trained professional may refer to them as vaginal hemorrhoids.

There are certain health conditions that give birth to bulges or tags around the vaginal area, which can be likely to be confused with hemorrhoids because of their appearance, like vaginal warts that are well known in the medical community. If you have discovered such type of abnormal growths, in the vagina, it is very essential to consult your doctor in proper diagnosis, as it can be fairly difficult to distinguish them.

As well, in some rare cases, if you ignore the condition that you think were vaginal hemorrhoids undiagnosed, you can put your life in a fatal situation and your partner in danger, as well as your skill to rear children.

Internal hemorrhoids can often occur as prolapsed that means they are trapped outside the opening, somehow, causing a prolapsed of the opening.

It is very possible for the vagina to prolapsed, though that’s typical in older women, and is not linked to hemorrhoids in any way.

If you have discovered something that you think is a hemorrhoid in the vagina, it is almost specifically something else, another kind of health condition, and you need to have a proper clinical diagnosis to determine what it is, particularly if it is painful, irritated or bleeding. Even though most of these warning signs are similar with hemorrhoids, they do not affect the vaginal area in this way.

In simplest terms, vaginal hemorrhoids do not exist.

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